Curated by:
Rose Gonnella

Edition Seven

Jul 2015 

Engraving Inspiration

We created Design to Touch to showcase the range of possibilities for engraving. I wrote the book with research and production assistance from Christopher Navetta and the brilliant art direction and design of Erin Smith. Produced by the International Engraved Graphics Association (, the text is for students and professionals in graphic design, graphic arts, book arts and traditional printmaking. Design to Touch explores how to use engraving creatively in visual communications. We hope this book touches a new generation of designers, and shows them that engraving can enhance any type of work — engraving goes beyond stationery.

We invited professional designers to contribute pages to the book — and we were thrilled to collect 30 beautifully engraved pieces, many contributed by design heavyweights such as Stefan Sagmeister, Louise Fili, Steve Sandstrom, Jessica Hische, Jon Contino, Michael Vanderbyl, Michael Osborne, and more.

curated by:  Rose Gonnella