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Rose Gonnella
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The Engravor and Metalla

Rose Gonnella — I love that Chris thought of me as the model Metalla! Happily, I framed the image and it hangs in my studio on a prominent wall.


Christopher Navetta was a contributor to the book Design to Touch, research and production and he created this illustration — Chris depicts himself as the super-powered “Engravor” and the book’s author Rose Gonnella as the awesome and singular “Metalla”. This piece shows that engraving can be very cool — it’s not only forelegant super heros. The black line art is engraved as is the burnished metallic copper —the sections of which were “bumped up” to heighten the embossing, and in doing so created a piece that is super fun to touch.  

Design to Touch co-authored by Rose Gonnella can be purchased here.


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