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Rose Gonnella
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Rose Gonnella — Louise Fili’s work is an exquisite delight no matter what she touches.


Louise Fili is known for her cultured and artful style along with her refined sensibility with type. Her work is so exquisite that it is instantly recognizable. Louise’s elegant and graceful craftsmanship are the envy of every designer. She has authored numerous books, designed over 2,000 book covers and has received three James Beard Award nominations for outstanding restaurant design. Louise has specified engraving for many of her clients having long recognized the sophisticated beauty of this five-hundred year old intaglio printing process. This logo for the Roseville restaurant, that she contributed to the book Design to Touch,  has a pretty delicacy with the line work deliberately left fragile to help express the old-world charm found in the logo.  

Design to Touch co-authored by Rose Gonnella can be purchased here.


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