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Michael Osborne
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Michael Osborne — This is just crazy fun. I think the engraving actually becomes a design element here.


Academy Award-winning film director, Steven Soderbergh, commissioned DataGraphic to produced this finely-printed, postmodern stationery suite. Collaborating with designer, Joanna Bush, we brought her creative designs to life using multi-level embossing dies, engraved stampings and lithography techniques. Mr. Soderbergh wanted a unique set of stationery to use in his own, personal typewriter—a lost form of communicating in this digital age that helps sustain the all important human connection and also makes a statement that technology (emails) sometimes cannot convey certain messages. Using a photograph of a vintage rotary telephone, our die maker hand tooled the embossing die to give the stationery a multi-level tactile quality. Several tons of pressure were used to squeeze the detail out of the dies and bring the stationary to life. We also edged the cards in matching PMS Red for a final touch of elegance. The paper stock was chosen by Mr. Soderbergh himself, who spec’d a sheet with a certain tooth and whiteness. Cranes Crest Pearl White 100% cotton paper fit the bill and was very nice to work with considering the multi-print processes that we employed.


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