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Rose Gonnella
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Daily Drop Caps

Rose Gonnella — Pure delight! The engraving makes these Jessica Hische Drop Caps that much more precious.


Jessica Hische is known as a typography queen, she’s a rising star whose work has vast appeal. Hische contributed this artwork to the book Design to Touch, from selections of her personal project Daily Drop Caps. The page looks simple with just three letters, but it shows a wide range of what can be achieved with engraving — fine lines, solids, pooled and natural ink, as well as screening the ink. Though there are only three colors in use on the page, they feel more complex, as though there are more than three colors. By varying the dominate color and thickness of line from image to image, a conservative amount of colors can seem as though there are luxuriously many more.  

Design to Touch can be purchased here.


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