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Rose Gonnella
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Being Not Truthful Works Against Me

Rose Gonnella — The metallic particles found only in engraving ink beautifully heightens the fragile and shimmering quality of Stefan’s spider web.


Stefan Sagmeister is a globally known graphic designer, typographer and creative force. He is as well known for his designs for musical icons such as Mick Jagger, Lou Reed, David Byrne and Jay-Z, as he is for his controversial personal projects. He contributed this piece to the book Design to Touch, it’s from his series of spider webs from his personal works Things I have Learned in My Life So Far. Using engraving for this artwork shows the amazing line quality that can be achieved. The intricacies and depth that are created simply using metallic ink on top of black litho are intriguing and touch-worthy.   Design to Touch co-authored by Rose Gonnella can be purchased here.


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