The Beauty of Engraving is brought to you by Neenah Paper. Neenah Paper and CRANE® Papers have an intertwined history, joining together in recent years to form superior products with innovative and fascinating uses. Both companies have extensive histories in craftsmanship, excellent quality, perfection and distinction. Scroll down to see more about how these great brands have crossed paths throughout history. You might learn a thing or two.

pounded to a pulp
fit for a queen

things you probably didn’t know about
CRANE® Papers & Neenah Paper:

  • Notable aficionados of CRANE® Papers have included Paul Revere, Eleanor Roosevelt and even the Queen Mum.

  • Neenah Paper was the first mill to introduce a brand watermark, OLD COUNCIL TREE Bond. Within a few years, using paper with a mill brand watermark became a symbol of authenticity and distinction for business and personal correspondence papers.

  • In addition to fine paper for social and business correspondence, Crane has made paper for U.S. currency, international banknotes, paper collars, paper boats and even observatory domes.

  • The first Neenah Paper mill was situated on the Fox River, located between Lake Winnebago and Green Bay, where the waterpower and drop is equivalent to that of Niagra Falls.

  • Crane® papers are tree-free, made from only the finest recovered cotton fibers; a raw material Crane has used for more than two centuries.

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It all
started with rags

who doesn’t love a good timeline?

  • 1770’s

    Paul Revere wasn’t just a nighttime equestrian. Papermaker Stephen Crane sold security-type paper to Revere, who engraved currency for the Colony of Massachusetts Bay to help finance the American Revolution.

  • 1800’s

    In 1801, Zenas Crane and his two partners, Henry Wiswell and John Willard, opened their first papermill in Dalton, Massachusetts, producing quality papers out of cotton rags and linen rags. CRANE® Papers used rags which were generally made from tough linen fabric and were difficult to reduce to a workable pulp. However, these fabrics produced a very high grade of paper, which combined with Zenas’ perfectionism, resulted in a brand whose uncompromising quality still stands today.

  • 1840’s

    In 1844, CRANE® developed a new design to foil counterfeiters: embedding silk threads in U.S. currency. The number of threads indicated the dollar amount of the bill.

  • 1860’s

    CRANE® Papers began its fine stationery line, inspired by European fashions.

  • 1870’s

    In 1873, Neenah Paper began operating as the Neenah Mill along the Fox River in Neenah, Wisconsin making 100% cotton fiber news print paper.

  • 1900’s

    Neenah Paper introduced the industry’s first mill brand watermark in 1908. Within a few years, the watermark became a symbol of distinction and authenticity on fine papers.

  • 1930’s & 40’s
    • CRANE® Papers operated 24 hours a day, churning out War Bonds during World War II.
    • Neenah Paper was awarded the Army-Navy “E” for excellence three times, the only company in the writing paper field to receive this honor.
  • 1950’s

    Retailers looked to CRANE® Papers for engraving services and fine stationery offerings.

  • 20th Century - Present

CRANE® Papers and Neenah Paper continued to respond effectively to global changes while creating paper products with unmatched quality. CRANE® Papers continues to produce tree-free paper for a multitude of uses, both seemingly ordinary as well as innovative and remarkable.

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The Rich the Famous the Fabulous

CRANE® Papers have been used by and associated with the world’s most recognized brands, people, and places.

  • Many celebrities use CRANE® Papers for their personal stationery, some of which have been auctioned off for over $1000 per sheet.
  • Neenah Paper is North America’s leading producer of genuine private watermarked papers that are typically used by Fortune 500 corporations, universities, law firms, and professional organizations of all sizes.
  • The Queen Mum used CRANE® Papers to celebrate her 100th birthday.
  • Neenah Paper is chosen for use in annual reports for organizations of all sizes including VF Corporation, Audubon and Ceres.
  • In 1891, CRANE® Papers were used as the mourning stationery for Queen Liliuokalani of Hawaii.
  • Neenah Paper has been used in the stationery for many prestigious organizations including: American Fidelity, Ackerman McQueen, Columbia Broadcasting, Regions Bank, Sotheby’s Real Estate, CBS, Regents Bank, Jones Day, Tommy Hilfiger and several MGM resorts.
  • CRANE® Papers were used for invitations to the opening of the Statue of Liberty.
  • In 2012, Robin Williams and his new wife Susan printed newlywed engraved stationery on CRANE’S LETTRA® through Sky of Blue Cards.
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We bleed Red, White
& Blue

(except on CRANE® Papers)

Virtually every White House has used CRANE® Papers in one way or another. Here are some notable sightings around Capitol Hill:

  • CRANE® Papers have been the stationery paper of choice for many Presidents of the United States.
  • Lyndon B. and Lady Bird Johnson used CRANE® Papers to announce their "return to civilian life".
  • Neenah Paper has been used as the presidential holiday greeting card as well as at the last three presidential inaugurations.
  • At Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration, CRANE® Papers were used to create the tickets for seats near the new president. These tickets were constructed using advanced technologies to prevent counterfeiting.
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On the Cutting Edge

Not just A2 & A6

CRANE® Papers and Neenah Paper have long standing histories of responding swiftly and effectively to challenges in the United States.

  • In 1993, CRANE® Papers developed and produced a 100 percent recycled denim paper for Levi Strauss Inc. from recycled Levi denim jeans. This denim paper was used by Levi Strauss Inc. in their collateral, letterhead, company checks, and envelopes.
  • During the Civil War, CRANE® Papers created a paper collar used for men’s fashion since Northern mills could not get cotton fibers from the South. These collars were made of stiff, thick paper that could withstand perspiration and dirt.
  • Neenah paper begins using Green Steam to provide energy for its Wisconsin mill, reducing natural gas consumption by 80 percent annually.
  • CRANE® Papers developed fascinating uses for their quality paper products, including a lightweight boat, machinery belts, and two paper domes (an observatory at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a dome at the U.S. Military Academy).
  • "Old Money" paper was created by CRANE® Papers from recycled U.S. currency out of circulation.
  • Neenah Paper created the paper industry’s first iPhone® and iPad® app.